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Anything Goes Estate Sales is a Family Owned Business.  Members of the team are either family members or employees who bring with them their own extensive knowledge about many categories of personal property valuation, display, and customer service. 

We have training and experience in identifying, researching and pricing:

  • Books (collectible and otherwise)

  • Antique furniture

  • Garage items, such as tools, machinery, car parts

  • Vintage clothes and jewelry

  • Collectible glassware, pottery, china, ceramics

  • Contemporary household furnishings 

  • The multitude of everyday items found in the average home. 

What we don't know outright, we have the connections and skills to find out.

Our Team is experienced and trustworthy. 

We are all security-minded and trained, and will closely watch over the property entrusted to our care.


About Us

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