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Need help emptying a house of its contents? Call us! 


We are an estate sale company who cares about our customers.  Our family owned company is experienced in disposing of household contents such as: art, furniture, china, tools and everyday household items. Estate sales are not only for the rich; even average homes can benefit from a sale. We handle the entire sale discreetly and thoroughly!




1. It is a personal way to liquidate assets, and a sale can be public or private.

2. Items sell for more at an Estate Sale, rather than a garage sale.

3. Control over pricing. You can keep items unless they sell for a certain price.

4. Liquidating an estate makes it easier to distribute to heirs or a trust.

5. Treasured items go home with a new owner who will continue to treasure them or give as a gift. A way of recycling treasures.

6. Your items are displayed and priced to sell.

7. Like an Open House, buyers can come and go at their convenience on the days of the sale. No need to wait.

8. All items that have value will sell. What does not sell, can be donated to charity for a tax deduction or kept.

9. An estate sale can be a personable gathering for family and friends to visit, share memories and buy a memento.

10. Selling estate items pays the estate sale company by a percentage of what is sold.  Free internet advertising on Estate Sale websites with a following/email list of customers who are looking to attend estate sales.



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