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                                                                                                   ------------ Preparation ---------------


                                                                                                  Don't throw anything away!


                                                                                          No, really.


You've heard the old adage "One man's trash is another man's treasure"! This is never more true than in the estate sale business! Let us worry about what's trash and what's not - just make sure there is trash service still available at the home. 

Likewise, we will need electricity, water services, and bathroom facilities to remain on and available until after the sale. Make sure you have legal right to sell the property - if the estate is involved in a trust, check with your lawyer to make sure when you have legal right to sell. 


                                                HOW TO PREPARE FOR OUR VISIT

1. Do not throw away anything until after my visit. No need to clean or straighten anything, I will help you determine what is trash or treasure. I will help you with the best use of your time.
2. You do not have to do anything, actually, just sit back and wait for me to arrive. It is that simple and it will not cost you anything. It is a free consultation for me to come and advise you of what you have and how it can be sold.

3.  Let us know of any items you wish to exclude prior to the sale.


                                                                       Call us today at (703) 858-3759.





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